Announcing new Notes features - formatting, searching and exporting! 💥

Notes is one of the most used features in Claimable, and nearly every claim has them! Notes are great for keeping track of claim progress, logging calls, building customer profiles and generally for sharing information with your colleagues.

Being able to collaborate with your team is vital for an effective claims workflow. Even though claims typically follow a set process, having access to descriptive information stored in notes, can separate a great customer experience from an average one!

Whether your client is on holiday, or you could not contact a key supplier, or perhaps you just need to document a phone call, the Notes tab is the go-to place to record this information, and make your colleagues aware of the latest progress.

For this reason, we have just revamped our Notes feature so that it is even easier for you to record descriptive details about claims, contacts and companies.

Here is some of the new functionality introduced by this latest enhancement:

  • Add unlimited notes and comments to claims, contacts and companies in your account.

  • Easily retrieve notes in an instant, without having to scroll through them, thanks to our search capability.

  • Pin notes containing important information to make sure they are easy
    to access and always visible to your team.

  • Export notes at any time in just one click in a PDF file.

  • Better express yourself with rich text formating, such as bold, italics, lists, links and emojis (yes, emojis 😍).

  • Manage who can access your notes thanks to the visibility control feature.