Custom Claim, Incident and Damage Types

The Claimable platform is designed to make claims processing simpler. To achieve this, we went back to basics and re-thought what a modern claims system should be, and sought to simplify things where possible.

However, when it comes to different Claim Types, things are not always that simple! Even though there are similarities between them, there are also significant differences that make each specific in their own way.

So, to ensure that Claimable works as well as we intend, we're starting with support for three key claim templates: Motor, Property and Warranty.

We will be rolling out support for additional claim templates to continually expand our offering. However, customisation has always been an important part of our platform and we understand that every claim is different. This is why we have established three main customisable elements:

  1. Custom Claim Types
  2. Custom Incident Types
  3. Custom Damage Types

Being able to customise these core concepts ensures that a wide variety of claim workflows can be supported by the Claimable platform.

Custom Claim Types

New customers can specify their own Claim Types in order to personalise their Claimable account.

For example, if your company processes claims relating to damaged aircraft, this would fall under the claim template Motor. However, you can customise this via a Claim Type so that it appears in your Claimable account as "Aircraft".

Custom Incident Types

Within a given Claim Type, we support custom Incident Types. An Incident Type is a great way to categorise claims by the event that led to them.

Custom Damage Types

Separate to the Incident Type, a Damage Type in Claimable, defines the actual damage caused by the incident.

Based on the Claim Type for a given claim, a selection of Damage Types is available when recording damage against that claim. Damage Types are also customisable.

Having the ability to customise these three elements supports the individual workflows of our customers, and further increases the wide variety of claims that Claimable can help settle!