New Feature: Export your Claims!

We're excited to introduce our newest feature: Exporting 🚀! This means our users can now instantly export their data in either CSV or XLSX (Excel) format.

We've always maintained a "you own your data" stance when it comes to the information stored in Claimable by our customers. Our new exporting feature further supports this commitment to data portability and accessibility, by allowing our users to easily extract their claims data for sharing, reporting and backup purposes.

Exporting Filters and Labels

Exporting is based on filters and labels, so exported files will include the same columns and rows as seen in Claimable, respecting any filter conditions or searches.

The export button is available right now for claims, tasks, contacts and companies giving the option of extracting, not only claims data, but supporting data too. For example, exporting a list of contacts or companies might be useful for communication and marketing purposes, such as sending an email newsletter.

Export Formats

Data can be exported in either CSV or XLSX format. CSV is a text-based format that is universally readable by any computer or system, new or old. It's often used as a way to transfer data between systems.

The XLSX format is readable by all major, modern office spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Open Office etc.