Introducing Claimable Version 3.0!

The next generation of Claimable is here! The third major version of our claims management platform is a major improvement over its predecessors. Version 3 represents a true step change and is the manifestation of years of experience and user feedback.

We completely reworked and rebuilt Claimable from the ground up. But before this, we went back to basics and re-established our core values and how we could realise our long-term vision to build a customer-first claims platform.

In general, most claims processes are over-engineered and bogged down by legacy influences. So, to address this, we stripped away the complexity and focused on getting the simple things right, before building on that foundation.

A long time in the making, Version 3, is a complete re-think of what a modern claims platform should be, and we are delighted to introduce it!


We've always believed that, when it comes to insurance, the claim is the product, not the policy. Even though policies are technically products, the claim is when policyholders are most aware of the service they are receiving, and this critical touch-point is often when perceived value is established.

By definition, a claim is a time of loss, and possibly distress, where the claimant is at their most receptive to how they are treated and the service they receive. We believe that it's vital to provide a claims service that puts the customer's experience front and centre.

A truly customer-first claims process is built around proactive and informative interactions with the claimant that bring about the swift settlement of the claim. This is in stark contrast to the more traditional and inward-looking approach that, at best, prioritises internal processes over high-quality customer interactions and, at worse, views claims as somewhat of an afterthought, or a necessary evil.

At a time where price comparison websites abound and with it easier than ever to switch providers, most policyholders exhibit little brand loyalty and are likely to jump ship based on cost alone. It's therefore vital to differentiate the claims process and provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Companies with this customer-first claims process send a strong message to their claimants and policyholders, making them feel well-informed and looked after.

Claimable Version 3 is built to facilitate this and provides a way for our users to embrace a customer-first approach that will set them apart from the norm.

New Interface

We believe that effective software should be simple to navigate and intuitive to use, with an element of discovery and delight. So we've re-designed our user interface to represent this. It's approachable, functional and presents a large amount of information in an organised way that lets our users spend less time doing admin and paperwork, and settle more claims!


Claimable Version 3 introduces the concept of labels, one of the core features of the new platform. A claim can have multiple labels applied. Labels are like "categories" or "tags" and provide a way to identify the state of a claim and drive a claims workflow. They are colour coded to make them instantly recognisable.

For example, there could be labels for "Needs Review" or "Settled" or "Referred", to indicate the state of a given claim.

Labels are completely customisable, so our customers can construct a list that suits their workflow. You can read more about labels in our 'Introducing Labels' help article.


Another of the key new features in Claimable Version 3, is filters. Filters allow for conditions to be applied to claims, tasks, contacts or companies, to help organise and report on data.

Every Claimable account comes with some default filters, but these are completely customisable, so our customers can create their own list that suits their workflow.

There are no limitations on how many filters can be added to a Claimable account and they are available to all users.

You can read more about filters in our 'Introducing Filters' help article.

What's Next

There's a lot more to come! Now that Version 3 establishes some core new concepts and represents a complete re-think of a customer-first claims platform, we will be rolling out regular, incremental updates over the course of 2017 and beyond! We have some exciting plans ahead!

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