New Feature: Multi-Branch Support

We have recently launched Multi-Branch Support to cater to customers who operate out of more than one office!

Each branch can now manage their own claims, while head office can have cross-branch access to provide oversight across the whole company. This is a major upgrade that will appeal to larger customers who are no longer limited to using Claimable from just one location.

Each user can now either have access to all branches, or just their own, making each branch responsible for their own claims. As a result of this new feature, our customers can operate a single Claimable account with consolidated billing to reduce admin and store all relevant information in one place, as opposed to having to maintain multiple Claimable accounts.

All Claims Stored in One Place

To ensure segregation of data and responsibilities for each branch, users limited to just one branch cannot see claims from the other branches. On the contrary, users with multi-branch access, such as managers and those working in the head office, can manage, submit and report on claims for all branches. This provides your business with an enhanced level of privacy, protecting your data by only giving access to those who are supposed to have it.

Additionally, Multi-Branch Support enables our customers to export data for individual branches or company-wide, allowing you to report on and manage each branch or the company as a whole.

Ultimately, these new multi-branch capabilities provide businesses with a single claims platform from where they can manage all branches, store information in the same place, increase efficiency and reduce admin!