The GDPR as an opportunity for a better customer experience 🤝

Building trust is key to a pleasant customer experience - especially for those dealing with claims, as their ultimate goal is to turn frustrated customers into happy ones.

With the GDPR coming into effect in May 2018 EU citizens will have more control over their data and will be able to exercise new rights, and these benefits extend to people outside the EU also!

As data security is a growing concern among consumers, acheiving GDPR compliance will be a challenging but rewarding asset, giving businesses an opportunity to build trust among their customers and enhance their brand image.

Claimable is a customer-first platform committed to helping businesses provide a better claims experience and to deliver an outstanding customer service.

For this reason, in this blog post I, not only explain how we help users to comply with the regulation, but I also provide some tips on how to use the GDPR to enhance customer experience:

Right to Rectify and Erasure

Our users will be able to guarantee the "right to be forgotten" to their customers. In specific, we will provide our users with the tools to efficiently delete any personal data concerning a specific individual.

Our users will also be able to rectify, easily and in an efficient manner, any inaccurate data entered in Claimable.


  • Avoid leaving your customers' requests to the last minute.
  • Ask for the motivation behind their requests and understand it. This will help you establish a relationship with your customers and uncover important information about them.

Data Access and Data Portability

According to the GDPR, citizens will have the right to access and receive their personal data in a structured machine-readable format.

Claimable will make it easier for our users to obtain a copy of data concerning a data subject in a machine-readable format quickly and free of charge.


  • Deal with your customers' requests promptly to show a great customer service!
  • Make it clear that they will not be charged to access their data.
  • Use this occasion to demonstrate to customers your efficiency.


We fully manage the platform's security, implementing high standards of data protection practices and by collaborating with third parties.

Claimable enables our users to pass on our assurance of security to their customers. On our website, we provide an exhaustive and regularly reviewed documentation about our security and privacy policies to keep our users informed and up-to-date.


  • Make sure you read our Security Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy documentation.
  • Be transparent with your customers and let them know how you manage their claims.
  • Include the GDPR compliance and high security standards in your brand and marketing material, effectively communicate it to your customers.

Our platform enables our customers to fulfil the mission of changing the general perception of claims and to provide a secure, compliant, world-class customer experience.