Improve your CRM Strategies to Create a Positive Claim Experience 👍

For too many years claims have been an afterthought and, as a result, suffer from somewhat of an image problem.

This has been widely demonstrated by research, especially in the insurance industry, where a bad claim experience is a trigger for switching provider for 83% of customers. [1]

Claims should be used as a powerful opportunity for businesses to build trust and increase customer loyalty and retention, as demonstrated in a study by J.D. Power study. [2]

At Claimable, we are committed to helping you provide a positive claims experience and build stronger relationship with your customers. We believe an important part of the claim experience is meaningful and frequent communication. For this reason, here are some suggestions for customer relationship management (CRM) strategies that will positively influence your claims process.

1. Keep a record of valuable information

When receiving a claim make sure you always record information about the person filing the claim.

If you receive the claim via phone don't forget to ask about any other individual involved in the claim and try to gather as much information as possible.

2. Embrace digital

Utilise technology to support your relationship management activities. For instance, adopt a system that allows you to store all claims' information and people involved in one place.

3. Create a contacts database

Create a profile for each person involved in the claim along with their role to make sure you effectively build a database of valuable contacts.

Take notes of the calls you have with the contacts and always keep a record of descriptive information as they can be a valuable resource to personalise your service.

Also, make sure everyone in your team has access to all information on a contact to enable consistent support.

4. Proactively stay in touch

Make sure you send a confirmation email when receiving a claim and that you follow up with claimants to make sure they don't feel neglected.

Let technology help you and set up task reminders to make sure you don't forget deadlines or to follow up with customers.

5. Establish a relationship of trust with your customers

Always be nice and understanding and don't forget to give a personal touch. Use every opportunity to demonstrate to your customers how much you care about them. For instance, remembering they have been on holiday and asking about this can help enliven the conversation and connection with each other.

6. Keep track of your customers' claims history

Train your team and collaborate with colleagues to make sure that every claim received is properly stored and linked to contacts. In this way, it will be easier to keep track of individual claims histories.

Our new and improved CRM capability allows you to store all your contacts along with their claims and valuable information in one place. And, thanks to our Notes feature you can enrich your customers' profiles with descriptive information and better deliver a personal touch.

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