New Feature: Appoint Suppliers to Claims 🎉

You can now appoint suppliers to claims in Claimable, making it easy to allocate work and manage your supplier network!

As part of processing claims, you may contract external companies to help you and work on the claim by providing various services. Outsourcing to third parties is a common step in the claim process and it can often be a challenge to manage effectively, especially as your claim volume grows.

Ultimately, efficient and organised collaboration with suppliers will benefit the claim process and improve the claimant experience.

This is why we have introduced the Appoint Suppliers feature! 👍

Thanks to this new capability, it is now possible to specify which suppliers are working on a given claim and be able to keep their workload under control, helping you equally distribute claims to your suppliers.

You can easily appoint a supplier from anywhere in the claim, via the Claim Inspector, where you and your team can conveniently see a list of all suppliers appointed to that claim.

Another Step Closer Towards a Headache-Free Claims Process

Every business aspires to a high level of customer retention, but in the insurance industry loyalty is a difficult achievement. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that an excellent customer experience can certainly encourage it!

In this sense, the claims process represents a strategic resource for companies in the insurance industry to strengthen their relationship with customers, and Claimable is built with this in mind.

We are committed to simplifying claims management and improving the experience for claimants. That starts in the claims department, where plenty of optimisation can be done.

Our objective is to shorten the amount of time spent managing claims so to reduce the stress on all parties and enable claim handlers to deliver an outstanding customer service.

The new Appoint Suppliers feature represents another step forward towards this vision, by simplifying the management of claims, creating tangible value for both our customers and their claimants.