Introducing the Claim Checklist! ✅

We have just given a complete facelift to our Tasks feature and introduced the new Claim Checklist!

Checklists are a tried and tested solution to support our memory and boost efficiency and productivity. They are universal, simple and effective.

Every claim has things that need doing; actions that need to be performed in order to bring the claim to a close. The new Claim Checklist is a place to keep track of these tasks. It is essentially a to-do list for each claim.

Processing claims can be a complicated, time-consuming and resource intensive. For this reason, everything about the new checklist feature has been designed to optimise the productivity of your team.

For example, here are some ways to benefit from the Claim Checklist and how it can fit into your workflow:

  • Record everything that is actionable, in one, convenient place. No more "email tennis"!
  • Check off items from the list as they become completed, giving an immediate indication of progress.
  • Delegate workload to your teammates, by assigning tasks to them.
  • Quickly view tasks based on due date to ensure nothing gets missed.
  • Label tasks to categorise them according to your workflow.
  • Encapsulate your business processes with repeating tasks.

Each task in the checklist includes a "Due Date", "Assigned To" and "Type" making it easy to assign responsbility and set deadlines.

Claim Checklist

To further help with prioritisation and organisation, tasks can be easily ordered by dragging and dropping them, and categorised through the use of filters and labels.

In order to give you an at-a-glance overview of the claim progress and enable you to identify the claims which need more attention, a convenient progress bar shows next to each claim, giving you an idea of level completion for each claim.


If you are not already a customer, we offer a free 14-day, no-obligation trial so you can try out the new Claim Checklist for yourself!